Desert Safari

Experience a truly Arabian roller-coaster in the middle of the desert, overcome the dunes onboard of a comfortable off-road vehicle. Standing at the top of the silky sand wave in the rays of the setting sun, take incredibly great photos.
Further on you hit the tent camp, where you will temporarily become a local resident, try on traditional Arabian clothes and learn camel riding, and a tattoo artist will skillfully decorate your hands with henna patterns.
The evening program includes dinner (soft drinks are included in the tour price), belly dancing, men's Arabic tanura dance, camel riding, Arabic music and hookah.

  • Stop at tops of dunes
  • Descent down the sand dunes
  • Camel ride and hookah
  • Photo session in the traditional outfit, body painting with henna
  • Dinner at Bedouin camp
  • Stage performance
  • Alcohol drinks may be included for extra fee