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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and in particular the Emirate of Dubai (Dubai), unlike some countries of the Persian Gulf, cannot boast of a rich history; it has made a "giant leap through the centuries" over the past forty years.

It is believed that Dubai was founded in 1833, when the people of the Al Maktoum tribe came to the bay, which is now called Dubai, from the desert, from the territory of modern Abu Dhabi. These were Bedouin nomads who, having reached the bay, settled on its shores and formed an independent emirate, and the ruling dynasty of Al Maktoum retains its supremacy to the present day.

In 1833, people mainly lived in the area of modern Bar Dubai, and business activity was concentrated in Deira. Abra boats were used to cross the bay with the help of oars (now they are equipped with motors - the boats have turned into water taxis, and about 60 thousand people use them a day), small dhow boats were popular, on which merchants transported their goods to other Gulf countries. In 1966, oil was discovered in Dubai, which profoundly influenced its history.

In 1971, the UAE country was formed, which included seven emirates, including Dubai. At that time, its population was about 160 thousand people (now it exceeds two million, and the total in the country is 8.26 million). The country was considered one of the laggards, and people lived in poverty. The quarter (Bastakiya), which was home to the richest residents in 1971, was left as an open-air museum in the Bar Dubai area. The adobe houses have been partially restored, and now you can see what the richest area of Dubai looked like forty years ago, and compare with the magnificent skyscrapers of today, located in groups in different parts of the city.

The colossal transformations that Dubai has undergone over the past forty years can be found in the Historical Museum, which is located in the same area, adjacent to the most modern skyscrapers, shopping and business centers of the emirate.


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