Challenge yourself on the "roller coasters" of the Arabian desert, overcoming the dunes in a comfortable SUV. You will have an opportunity to take incredible pictures while standing on the crest of a silky dune under the rays of the sunset. Then, you will go to the camp, where you will temporarily turn into a local resident, trying on traditional Arab robes and learning to ride camels; in addition, the tattoo artist will skillfully decorate your hands with henna patterns. The evening program includes dinner (soft drinks are included in the tour price), belly dancing, male Arabic dance "tanura", camel riding, Arabic music and hookah.


  • A stop at the high dunes
  • For those who are willing to ride a Sandboard, there is an opportunity to go down the sand dunes
  • Camel riding, hookah smoking
  • Photo in national robes, hand decoration with henna
  • Dinner at the Bedouins camp
  • Special show program
  • Alcohol for an extra charge


The Sahara experience is an exclusive concept that transforms the magic and adventure of the Thousand and One Nights into reality. The location is housed in a distinctive fortress called the Dubai Heritage Vision, a village that captures the cultural and historical heritage of the local region, the spirit of the landscape surrounded by sand dunes and endemic flora and fauna. Here you will immerse yourself in a unique combination of traditions that existed in the mountains and on the coast, as well as you will have an opportunity to appreciate local cultural values that are still alive today.


  • Bedouin-style corner inside the hotel
  • Live Arabic music
  • Fire dances, tanura dance
  • Belly dances
  • Henna drawing

Desert Royal Safari (BAB AL SHAMS)

The tour is suitable for those who enjoy relaxing with a unique taste, who want to get to know the United Arab Emirates better, who like a quiet vacation in the desert, who love fiery dances and unusual entertainment. Al Hadheera is an outdoor area located in one of the most famous Arab spa hotels, Bab Al Shams. An oriental dinner is a great opportunity to plunge into the world of fabulous Arabian nights. Al Khadher's decoration is made in the traditional Arabian style - everything looks luxurious and shimmering.


  • Al Hadheera is an outdoor area.
  • The interior is done with luxury and grace worthy of the real sheikhs: silk and brocade, wood and furs, beautiful paintings and traditional Arabic ornaments.


The main attraction in Hatta is a jeep ride through the wadi. Hatta Pools are located 20 km from the village - mountain pools with clear water, which remains cold at any time of the year. The road leading to Hatta repeatedly crosses the border between the emirates of Dubai and Ajman, as well as between the UAE and the Sultanate of Oman. Moreover, there is a market for synthetic carpets and products made from clay jugs, candlesticks and incense burners on this incredible trip to Hatta.


  • Photo stop near the canyons of mountain river beds.
  • Opportunity to ride kayaks, pedal boats and boats on the lake that is as beautiful as the lakes of the Swiss Alps.
  • Lunch and the opportunity to take unique pictures of the mountain oasis.


It is absolutely impossible to remain indifferent after Buggy tours in Dubai on the desert dunes. We provide an opportunity to reopen the Emirates from a completely different side. We will show you that the Emirates is not only about beaches, malls and fountains, but also the amazing nature of endless sands. Now, everyone can experience a powerful adrenaline rush from fast driving across the desert dunes while driving any of our Polaris RZR 1000. Automatic transmission and four driving wheels will keep you alert during the whole drive. Bring a friend – he/she will ride in the passenger seat. You will have an opportunity to experience the real feeling of an adventure.


  • Basic Sprint is an hour desert tour from our base to Pink Rock Mountain.
  • Stop at the top of the mountain for photos and enjoy a refreshing drink before heading back.
  • A 2-hour tour to explore the vastness of the desert.Our most popular tour, where you will drive a total of over 40 kilometers through the most beautiful hiding places in the Arabian Desert and enjoy the landscape.

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