The first of its kind aqua stage contains 2.7 million liters of water. You will have an opportunity to watch the show with a mesmerizing plot, presented by the best international performers on a unique stage space. During the performance, the stage goes from ‘dry’ to ‘watery.’ During the performance, acrobatic artists dive into the pool from a height of 25 meters. “La Perle” is a new show that has never been seen in this region before. The best theater specialists worked hard to create this show, and the most talented performers from all over the world were invited to present this show to you.


  • The show duration is 90 minutes
  • The theater seats 1300 spectators around the stage
  • The group has 61 performers from 23 countries
  • The stage for this show is a giant swimming pool with a capacity of 2.7 million liters of water.


The Dolphinarium of Dubai offers unforgettable entertainment for the whole family. Here, small and large spectators will be fascinated by a fascinating show - a show program with bottlenose dolphins and fur seals. The program is not only entertaining, but also educational. Acrobatic and musical performances as well as dolphin dances are waiting for you. Furthermore, dolphin performances are complemented by musical accompaniment and a laser show.


  • The show is conducted daily except Sunday
  • Daily sessions at 11:00 and 15:00 except Sunday
  • The duration is 45 minutes


  • You can also visit Creek Park Exotic bird show with beautiful and
  • breathtaking bird species, including sun spells, Amazon parrots, cockatoos, blue macaws and golden macaws, that will definitely amaze you with their talents and skills.


A fantastic leisure destination where bottlenose dolphins and seals are the stars of the show. These amazing creatures dance, juggle, play ball, jump through hoops and even paint. Evening shows include magic tricks and aquatic acrobatics. In addition, on some days you will be able to swim with dolphins yourself.


  • Show duration is 90 minutes
  • The theater has seats for 1.3 thousand spectators around the stage
  • The troupe has 61 performers from 23 countries


  • Program 1 - Adventure in the World of Dolphins
  • Program 2 - Meet Dolphins
  • Program 3 - Royal Bathing


This is one of the most fun and unusual excursions in the UAE. We will go to the mangroves, inhabited by crabs. You will be given powerful flashlights, life jackets and spears! The waist-deep hunt in the water is conducted under the guidance of an instructor. Even children can participate in the program, because the hunt takes place in shallow water. At the end of the program, your catch will be cooked in front of you during an evening barbecue dinner on the shores of the enchanting night sea.


  • The hunt takes place at night.
  • Dinner (soft drinks included)
  • Crab fishing (45 minutes)
  • Equipment (harpoon and flashlight)
  • Afterwards, enjoy the prepared loot at the restaurant.
  • Alcoholic drinks are provided at extra charge.


Barracuda, snapper, royal macarella, grouper, long-tailed tuni, etc. are found in abundance in the warm waters of the Persian Gulf. This is reason why Dubai is one of the best deep sea fishing destinations in the world. You can choose from fishing tours, from a few hours to full day trips. Leaving the grandiose silhouette of Dubai behind you, you will pass the Mir Archipelago and enter the open sea. You will be provided with a modern fishing boat supervised by an experienced skipper.


  • Certified boat for 6 people
  • Experienced Russian speaking captain
  • All the necessary equipment for fishing - rods, lures, etc.


Diving is one of the great opportunities to discover the secrets of the underwater world around the United Arab Emirates. Scuba diving will give you an amazing feeling of weightlessness, make you feel like real explorers of sunken ships, and will give you an opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of the unknown underwater kingdom.


  • The program involves theoretical training and practice of skills in the use of equipment for diving underwater.Guests must be over 10 years old
  • All diving equipment is provided,* You will need your own swimwear
  • If you want to preserve these amazing moments not only in your memories, use the services of a photographer (for an additional fee).

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